ODR-mmbTools releases

This page contains releases for the ODR-mmbTools: ODR-DabMux, ODR-DabMod and ODR-AudioEnc. These tools are developed in the ‘next’ branch in git, and the ‘master’ branch always points to the latest release.

Development is done on GitHub: https://github.com/Opendigitalradio.
An alternate location of the repositories is http://git.mpb.li

The latest ODR-DabMux release is v1.3.1.

The latest ODR-DabMod release is v1.0.1.

The latest ODR-AudioEnc release is v2.1.0. It requires fdk-aac from github.

The latest ODR-PadEnc release is available on github.

Toolame-DAB is now deprecated, since ODR-AudioEnc can also encode in DAB. Its code is located on GitHub.

All releases are archived here.