Contributors to the ODR-mmbTools project and active users

  • Matthias Brändli (lead developer, SFN, GPS module, ZMQ, Munin, libVLC)
  • Ulrik Brinck (first high power deployment in Denmark, CRC-mmbTols)
  • Pascal Charest (original CRC-mmbTools development)
  • Mathias Coinchon (integration, testing, system design, organisation)
  • François Lefebvre (original CRC-mmbTools project design and development)
  • Rashid Mustapha (ARM platform, DAB amplification, UK deployment)
  • Stefan Pöschel (PAD expert and contributor)
  • Yoann Queret (ODR-EncoderManager, integration, operating 9A in Paris, testing in France)
  • Stan Roehrich (integration, testing, DAB amplification, coverage planing, site building, operation)
  • Sergio Sagliocco (DLS/Slideshow development, ETIsnoop)
  • Sergiy (DAB+ encoder, FPGA modulator)

This list is not complete, some contributors didn’t want to appear or didn’t confirm they wish to. Please contact us for correction or suggestions.