Ettus USRP B200

Ettus USRP B200

The ODR-mmbTools contain a software defined radio DAB modulator which can generate I/Q samples for DAB transmission. In order to send this signal, a SDR device is needed.

We are mostly using the Ettus USRP devices, but other devices like the HackRF can also work. The models B200, B100, USRP2, USRP1 and N200 are known to work, with the WBX daughterboard for transmission in Band III. More information is given in the ODR-DabMod wiki page and on the official Ettus USRP Documentation.

GPS Synchronisation

In the Single-frequency scenario, a time and frequency reference is necessary. A GPSDO can be used for this, if it outputs a 10MHz or a 30.72MHz reference clock and a 1PPS signal.

The 10MHz refclk is officially supported by Ettus: See the Ettus USRP Device Synchronization Manual.

The 30.72MHz refclk variant is not officially supported by Ettus, and allows the usage of the opendigitalradio LEA-M8F GPSDO board.