New Releases

Hello all,

ODR-DabMux, ODR-DabMod and FDK-AAC-DABplus have been released to new versions today.

ODR-DabMux has now become v1.0.0. The old carousel has been removed, some issues regarding EDI fixed, and ZeroMQ is now a mandatory dependency because of the ManagementServer. Now that version 1 is out, the goal is to make sure that the configuration format and the features stay compatible, and incompatibilities only occur at major version changes from now on. The intention is to respect Semantic Versioning as presented on There is now also a TODO file that makes the open points and missing features publicly visible.

FDK-AAC-DABplus received some fixes mainly regarding the DAB mode based on libtoolame-dab. DL+ support to mot-encoder has also been added. Latest version is v1.1.0. Many thanks to Stefan for his work on the MOT and DLS side of things!

ODR-DabMod has reached v0.6.0. KISS FFT is gone as it was broken anyway, timestamp check was improved, and the thread priorities have been set to realtime. Because this can have quite an impact on stability and also because of known limitations (TII is wrong), I’ve decided not to release version 1 yet.

As usual, a summary is in the ChangeLog.

Thanks to all involved in testing and for the reports and feedback!


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