Matthias Brändli

ODR-mmbTools Lead Developer

New ODR-EDI2EDI tool

In the process of replacing ZeroMQ by EDI for distribution of ETI, the need to replace ODR-ZMQ2EDI appeared. Some modulators only support EDI over UDP, so if you want to carry EDI over not-so-reliable networks and want to use TCP, there’s was no way except having an ODR-ZMQ2EDI instance running…

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Albrecht, who maintains the Software-Defined Radio DAB+ receiver, writes us I’m happy to announce the version 2.0 Beta 1. created a nice article about it. Download link: Source: Let him know about feedback through the issues in the github repository.

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New ODR-DabMod release

Version 1.1.0 of ODR-DabMod has been released, with a lot of activity in two signal processing prototypes: crest factor reduction and digital predistortion. Both these features are still highly experimental. See doc/example.ini and the readme in the dpd/ folder for more information. Other fixes are mentioned in the

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