Matthias Brändli

ODR-mmbTools Lead Developer

Small-Scale DAB Setup Developed in Kaiserslautern

Several people from the Landeszentrale für Medien und Kommunikation Rheinland-Pfalz (LMK) and from the University of Applied Sciences of Kaiserslautern have prepared a small transmitter setup based on the ODR-mmbTools. Immanuel Friedrichsen has recently published two repors (in german) describing the setup on the website: Praxisberich Aufbau DAB Koffersender…

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New Releases

Hello all, ODR-DabMux, ODR-DabMod and FDK-AAC-DABplus have been released to new versions today. ODR-DabMux has now become v1.0.0. The old carousel has been removed, some issues regarding EDI fixed, and ZeroMQ is now a mandatory dependency because of the ManagementServer. Now that version 1 is out, the goal is to…

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